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The mixed use development of Pećinci represents a hypothesis developed in Serbia and put to use mainly commercial area of one million square meters. The marketing function, which encapsulates Outlet, Mall & Retail Park, joins part receptive to your destination, made essentially of a luxury hotel, recreational and another made up of multiplexes, Snow Dome and water park.

The lot of action, reacheable by the nearby arterial road Zagreb - Belgrade, resentful, and also benefits from the proximity of the airport in Belgrade itself, as well as other major urban centers such as Novi Sad and Sremska Mitrovica.

The predominantly commercial vocation, combined with the extended scale of, helped guide the design choices towards a more proper that exquisitely landscaped architecture. The vertical development of trade volumes, in fact, than contenutissimo horizontal extension of the area, failing to give them the strength needed to make them emerge from the context makes them part of it.

The built is almost totally absorbed in a plastic and chromatic operation of "landscaping". From it, however, with force and protagonist, from time to time you post and read the bold architecture of the recreational and accommodation, which, in contrast to the general principle of composition, showing their autonomy and their expressive power. Hallmark of this architecture remains the strong link with the context, the effect of a meticulous task of reading and reworking of the territory, its rhythms and its colors.

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